In the last 20 years or so of my transformational and spiritual journey, I have learned a lot about what happens when you RESIST anything in life. Debbie Ford was the first person from whom I learned that when you resist something, it PERSIST! I share this concept with all of my clients because I know it to be true. As soon as we resist something or someone, we are only giving it more power and energy.

As I was floating down the creek today, I made a conscious decision to allow the water to guide my tube and totally surrender to the experience of tubing. I was hearing in my head, “Be the tube!” Remember the movie, Caddyshack, “Be the ball!” In the past, I would put a lot of energy in controlling the path my tube would follow in order to not get stuck on any rocks or fall out of the tube. I would feel my body tense up as I approached each small rapid. I also resisted not being able to see where I was going when my tube would spin and turn to the current of the water not caring whether I was facing forward or backwards.

Today, I trusted, I allowed, and I surrendered to the flow of th water and the rapids. I trusted that the water knew exactly which route to take and which rocks to go around. I trusted that my tube would follow without any guidance. It was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and effortless tubing ride I have ever experienced. I did get stuck a few times but it was so minimal and I just allowed time to pass to see if the water would move me. Most of the times, it did. In the past, I would have been physically exhausted after tubing and would have worked very hard to constantly get myself unstuck. Today, I feel rejuvenated and at peace.

I have been battling my mind and all the thoughts that swirl around in it over the past few weeks. I came to the creek today knowing that I needed to change my perspective. Even though, I know intellectually that any and all pain, challenges, frustration, or sorrow is created from our thoughts, I, too, get caught up in the limiting stories that play out in my head. We always have a choice when it comes to interpreting life and what it throws at us. We all have challenges and struggles and most of the time cannot control them. However, we do have control over how we choose to look at those struggles and challenges.

Tubing is a lot like life. We can float down the creek trusting and surrendering or we can spend all of our energy trying to control the path and outcome. I found that when we try to control our p019CCE43-7830-4ED5-BCEC-EE676080F86Dath, it is a lot more work, a lot more energy and effort, and a lot less enjoyable. When we allow and surrender, it is effortless and the path is shown to us. Moreover, you get to see what is on the path! Today, I saw the beauty that surrounded me and was so in tune with the music of the water. In the past, I would have been all consumed with controlling, resisting and being afraid that I would have missed all that nature had to offer.

I am grateful to have the ability to change my perspective whenever I get into a funk. Nature definitely helps me during those times. Movement, dancing and music are the other powerful agents that help me get out of my head, create a new perspective and land in my heart and soul.

No matter what life throws at you or whatever funk you find yourself in, you have the power to choose a different perspective. Which perspective do you choose today? I choose the one that empowers me and reminds me of all the things to be grateful for.


With Love and Gratitude,


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