Are You An 8 Color Box of Crayons or a 64 Color Box of Crayons?


You are probably asking, what does that mean?

There is such a full range of emotions to express in life and different hats to wear or ways of being to aspire to. Most of us only express a few colors and live in a narrow range of what is allowed. If you are a people pleaser, you know how to be pink. If you’re always angry, you know how to be red. If you are always positive and a light in the world, you know how to express white or yellow. If you have struggled in life and are often depressed, you know how to express black and gray.

I use to be a box of 8 colors. About 12 years ago, when I began my spiritual journey with Debbie Ford’s work, I knew how to be pink but had no idea on how to be red. Anger was not allowed or ugly, even though I like the color red. I also was good at expressing black and gray.

The shadow work allowed me to release all those colors I didn’t even know I had available to me. I can now play with magenta, green, red, purple, orange, sky blue, and many more colors. What does that mean? It means that I can be with all of the parts of me I worked so hard at resisting, hating and ignoring. It also means that I can be with all the parts of me I projected onto others, such as brilliant, authentic, beautiful, confident, and fearless.

If you can’t fully express yourself, be authentic in your relationships, feel or express your passion and if you are someone who remains status quo out of fear, then you are most likely only using 8 crayons. It’s time for you to invest in that box of 64 colors and see what you can create for yourself. Imagine how different a drawing would be using 64 colors versus 8 colors. The same can be said about your life. if you were given a blank canvas which represented the life you desire, would you want to color it with 8 colors or 64?

What keeps us from expressing all the colors of life? It is our limited or shadow beliefs and underlying commitments. We were born a box of 64 colors but as we grew, we were actually reduced to an 8 color box. We learned to define who we are by what we were told, what we experienced and what we made each event mean about ourselves. For example, recently, a client of mine revealed through a process I did with her that numerous experiences in her life translated to “I have to work hard and life is a struggle.” She became so attached to that story that she gave up employment opportunities that were “fun” or “easier” for the harder jobs and also gave up traveling throughout Europe because she “had to work” and “fun wasn’t really a part of struggling”. Most importantly, she recognized that joy has been missing in her life because of her attachment to struggling. From our process, she is now creating joy in her life, especially with her family and feels much lighter and hopeful. She is now starting to use colors like yellow, orange, purple, and sky blue.

What colors do you long to express? What colors are you tired of coloring with? As a life shifter and transformational coach, I would love to support you in exploring your palette. If you are ready to paint or draw a new picture, start with a complimentary shifting call and see what vision you can and want to create.

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