Can a Simple Question Have the Power to Completely Alter The Direction of Your Life?


I’ve questioned human behavior, especially mine, for as along as I can remember. I’ve always been curious about why people do what they do. I question just about everything. However, before being trained in the shadow work by Debbie Ford, my questions didn’t leave me feeling empowered. They were usually questions that left me feeling like a victim, such as “why me, why did I do that, or why is this happening to me?” Questions can be great when used to give us clarity, direction, information, knowledge and purpose. However, questions such as those above weaken our position. What kind of questions do you ask yourself on a daily basis? Do you ask yourself empowering or disempowering questions?


One of my favorite books written by Debbie Ford is The Right Questions.

When you ask yourself the right questions, you can create and alter your life in ways you cannot even imagine. A simple question such as, “Is this an act of self love or is this an act of self sabotage?” can alter so many of our daily choices. Imagine approaching all decisions in your day with these questions. Can you see how you might choose healthier foods, exercise, saying no to someone, setting stronger boundaries, or working less to take good care of yourself? When you choose self-love, you are treating yourself with kindness, compassion and respect. On the other hand, if after asking yourself these questions you consciously choose self-sabotage, you can then see how you are being hateful, abusive and disrespectful to yourself. The Right Questions allows us to make conscious choices versus continuing the behaviors that haven’t served us. It is the greatest tool that prevents us from going unconscious and on auto pilot.

This past summer, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS. Although I was happy to finally have an answer to a mystery I had been trying to solve for two years, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. When things happen to us that we perceive as bad or horrible, we have a choice to use it or let it use us. As most people would do, at first, I asked myself “why me?” and “how could this happened to me as I’ve been healthy my whole life?” I then thought, “Well, why not me and why should it happen to someone other than me?” I saw how it was a bit arrogant on my part that something like MS should ONLY happen to other people. This allowed me to move into acceptance and humility.

My questions then became a lot more powerful. Because of all my years of coaching others in shadow work and having being around Debbie Ford’s teachings, I was able to quickly ask myself, “What are the gifts of MS?” and “Will I use this situation as a catalyst for growth or will I use it to beat myself up?” I chose to use it as a catalyst for growth. I started to look for the gifts of MS and found many. I can say no without feeling guilty. I don’t have to work long hours in my yard in the hot sun as I can’t be exposed to heat anymore. I have to reduce my stress, so I’ve been able to delegate certain tasks to others that I previously felt obligated to do myself. Knowing that I am not invincible has propelled me to place self-care as a priority instead of being at the bottom of the list. In addition, I’ve noticed that I’m not catching any of the typical “bugs” that go around this time of year because of the medication I am on. I really like that gift as it’s kept me healthy through the busy and hectic holiday season.

Some people were surprised at my positive attitude following my diagnosis. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I wasn’t scared, didn’t cry or feel sorry for myself. I did allow myself to grieve for as long as I needed, but I also quickly asked the questions I knew would move me into a more empowering place for myself and for my family. Asking myself the Right Questions shifted my attitude, my outlook and gave me hope for the future. I have multiple sclerosis, but I’m not multiple sclerosis.

Asking yourself some simple yet powerful questions everyday can alter the direction of your life and assist you in creating what you really want. This brings up another important question, “Do you know what you really want?” More often than not, people don’t really know what they want to make them happy and fulfilled. They think they know, but when they obtain what they set out to get, whether it be a relationship, more money, success, or a better body, they are still left feeling unsatisfied. Use the Right Questions to gain clarity in what you really want and then use the Right Questions to attain what you desire.

What Right Questions do you need to ask yourself today?


  1. Begin to notice the questions you presently ask yourself to see if they are placing you in the victim mode or empowering you;

  2. Purchase The Right Questions in the webstore at to find out the 10 most powerful questions that will guide you to a better future;

  3. Choose a question each day and apply it to every choice you catch yourself having to make;

  4. At the end of the day, take an inventory to see how many choices were made that left you feeling empowered or disempowered;

  5. Decide to choose consciously and make it a habit to ask the Right Questions;

  6. Pick one area of your life that you desire a shift in and apply the Right Questions;

  7. If you are struggling with an important decision to make and need additional support, call for a complimentary shifting call at 954-214-8991 or go to

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