The Shadow Effect Movie

As a student of the shadow and now a coach of the shadow, I was absolutely blown away when I first saw The Shadow Effect movie. For years I’ve been talking about the shadow and a lot of times, people don’t really grasp it, but this movie really gives you an amazing taste of the shadow and how it can create such havoc in your life. I was so proud for Debbie Ford in creating this movie because she showed the world the “shadow” in just over one hour! That in itself is amazing. After doing shadow work for a while, I really got it at a cellular level but those who have not done shadow work, the movie gives them an opportunity to get it visually, emotionally and in their body! See the movie to experience what I’m talking about. You will have a shift that will be beyond just an intellectual shift.

Last night I had a screening of The Shadow Effect in Davie, FL and it was so great to know that this morning 40 people woke up with a new perspective of themselves and the world. I feel so blessed to be part of spreading the word on the shadow because had I not learn to love and integrate some of my darker shadows I would still be stuck working behind a desk, depressed and lonely. I love my work, who I am and excited to continue on this journey.

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