What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

What do you do with news that could be bad? I say you focus on what you want the outcome to be and do not make up any stories about what you don’t know. I recently had a test done for a physical issue that I’ve been having. I need further testing to rule out some things that could be pretty serious. What did I do with that information? Exactly what I said above. Since I don’t have the final answer and don’t know all the facts, I will not make a story about what might be.

My old self would have created all the drama around the worst case scenario. I would have spent hours on the internet researching the possible outcome and making myself anxious, sad, depressed and withdrawn.

This situation made me think about how often we assume and create such drama and stories around what we have absolutely no idea about. Fear of the unknown drives us to write entire scripts of what we think the outcome will be. If all of those thoughts were put onto paper, it would probably add up to a novel. That is a lot of energy spent on what we don’t know!

Debbie Ford taught me how to become aware of my story. I know when I’m in it and how to take myself out of it. This has been so valuable for me in my life as I can always bust myself. What does this have to do with Shadow Work? Everything! If I was not aware of the shadows or parts of me that I reject, I wouldn’t be able to bust myself when I’m in a story.

In this case, had I gone into my story, the shadows lurking would have been, “I’m not deserving, I’m unworthy and good things can’t last.”

What stories are you telling yourself? What shadows are dancing with you in your story?

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