Be The Tube

Other than my children, I have to say that nature is one of my greatest teachers. I went tubing in Deep Creek, Bryson City, NC. I have been here many times before but I approached it very differently today. I once had a bad fall in this creek when my daughter was about 3 yrs. of age and although we were both all right, there is still a small tiny peace of me that gets a little nervous or fearful when approaching the small rapids.


I say…….Go For More Self-Love!

Buy yourself flowers and chocolates! Not any chocolates……YOUR FAVORITES! Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Many years ago, I decided that I loved having fresh flowers in my house. I was not going to wait for the ONE DAY out of the year when my husband was most likely to come home with a new orchid for me. I decided to buy myself flowers and have done for years on a bi-weekly basis. It is very rare that you walk into my house and not see a vase full of fresh flowers. It just puts a smile on my face. (more…)

How to Start 2016 With True Inner Confidence

New beginnings can be exciting or stressful. For many, the new year can be motivating, a new opportunity to finally reach certain goals and create that vision you have desired for so long of how you want your life to look like. For many others, the new year can be fearful, depressing and anxiety producing. Even though 2015 looked very promising a year ago, some of you will review the last 12 months with disappointment and feeling of having been defeated once again. Therefore, it can be daunting to imagine that 2016 will be any different. This will definitely zap your confidence away before you can even start imagining an amazing new year.

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover – Do You Compare Yourself a Lot? If so, please read

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before, “Do not judge a book by its cover”. In one week, I have had three people tell me how healthy and great I look…..on the outside. I could say that I am good at fooling people as to what is really going on inside my physical body. This is one of the challenges people who live with MS (multiple sclerosis) have. More often than not, people do not know someone has MS unless they see some external sign such as limping, walking with a cane, dragging of the leg, lost of balance, or apparent brain fog. Trust me, no one with MS wants to be noticed for that. (more…)

Picking Blackberries: Metaphor To Going After What You Want

I was out picking blackberries yesterday and noticed how difficult it is to get to the big juicy berries without getting pricked by the thorns that the blackberry plants seems to proudly use as their protection. There are so many of them. There were times they had a hold of my shirt, pants and arm and I had to just pull hard to get out. It felt like I had 10 cats all over me using their claws to hang on to dear life! (more…)

Would being consistent at one thing boost your self confidence

In the world of medicine, mechanics, and technology, it seems like if we know the cause of a failed system, we can figure out how to fix it. I am not an expert in those areas, but from my own personal experiences, I know that when there’s been something wrong with my car and my computer, the experts always find the cause and fix the issue. As for medical issues, that is not always so clear cut. Medicine is often a rule out game. However, there are many things in medicine that have a solution when the cause is known.


Shame and guilt, these two emotions will rob you of all your confidence. You cannot feel confident when you feel shame or guilt. Those 2 emotions will keep you in the prison you have created in your mind. There is no escaping except to forgive yourself. (more…)

Do You Want 2015 to be YOUR Year? Set Yourself Up to Win!

Year 2015 is here!

Do you want 2015 to be YOUR year?

I love new beginnings and letting go of the past.

However, new beginnings can also create anxiety, overwhelmingness, and fear.

So many of us make new year resolutions, vision maps, set goals and make promises to ourselves that this is going to be the year! Several days, weeks, or months go by and we feel disappointed, depressed, unmotivated or defeated.

I believe it’s easy to envision and set goals. The challenging part is following through.

You might feel excited and believe that you will manifest your desires.

However, that little voice in your head says, “Are you really going to do it this year? You know, you won’t. You’ve tried in the past and it hasn’..

Don’t Wait! Do It Now and Be Who You Always Wanted to Be!

If you want to be happy, feel alive and realize your dreams, you have to take risks and be willing to be vulnerable.

Do you want to get off on a good start this coming new year? Isn’t it time you actually create what you truly desire? Gift yourself the gift of hiring a coach to support you, guide you and hold you accountable for 2014. Make it a year where you will look back at the resolutions you wrote and say “YEAH, I did it!” (more…)