I’m very excited to talk about this topic because it’s one I know very well. I’m the worst procrastinator and it’s affected my life for a long time. It’s very frustrating when you’re trying to keep from procrastinating because you know how it affects you, but you still can’t stop.

Procrastination Will Zap your Confidence

When you keep putting something off till the next day, it weighs on you. Energetically you’re carrying all those things you know you have to do but keep putting off, you feel it. I don’t like that, it stresses me out.

I’ve learned over the years how to set myself up to win and avoid procrastination. One thing I do that helps me tremendously is I get a 4 x 6 sticky notepad and a sharpie. Each day I write the 3 things that I want to stay focused on. Just 3 things, your 3 must Do’s that have to get done today. Keep the notepad where you can see it… by your desk, on a mirror or make the list on your phone. This will help you stay focused on those 3 things. When you’re done with the 3 things then you can do all the other stuff.

Something that happens when we procrastinate is we might beat ourselves up for it, criticize ourselves or buy into a story that we’ve had about ourselves, “I’m not good enough.” Another thing that happens is some people like to procrastinate because it gives them a rush. They wait until the very last minute and believe they will do a better job when working under such a tight deadline. This creates an adrenaline rush and some people are actually addicted to that.

So just notice are you going to wait for that adrenaline rush to get something done or could you do it more timely so it doesn’t create extra stress in your body?

For me, I’m not good at doing things without a deadline. So I ask people to give me a deadline. Someone asked me write an article for their blog. It had been weeks and I still had not written the article, so I asked her to please give me a deadline because that’s what I need. I know I procrastinate and I recognize my limitations. Whatever your limitations are that you recognize that make you procrastinate. Just be ok with the way you are, but then set yourself up to win. So , for me I need structure so I’ll have someone hold me accountable. You can have a friend hold you accountable or hire someone. Do whatever you may need to get things done.

Last thing is you gotta be realistic with time. Don’t overfill your day. So be realistic as to what can actually fit into your day. That will reduce your stress so much and help you gain confidence. Because when we do what we say we are going to do it makes us feel good about ourselves, and we gain self trust.

So get your little notepad, write your top 3 things for the day that you want to get done. Let me know how it goes.


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