Focus Now

The Focus Now Coaching program is based on the Ford Institute’s Future-Focused Coaching program. It is a 6-week program for individuals who already know one specific goal or result they want to achieve, and just have not been able to do it on their own. Whether you have ADD/ADHD or not, staying focussed is challenging for many.

This package is ideal for anyone seeking support and accountability in accomplishing a specific goal or desire. If you have ADD/ADHD, this program will be customized for your needs.

Whether you just want to:

  • Establish a solid self care routine
  • Decrease stress in your life
  • Improve your relationship
  • Maintain focus and consistency
  • Change a specific behavior
  • Or gain clarity on what you want to create and desire

When you invest in the Focus Now Package, you will have my support as you embark on a journey that will ultimately bring you happiness.
By the end of the six weeks, you will feel confident, empowered, inspired, and have gained self trust.

The package includes weekly one hour calls in which you will be guided through specific internal integrative process.

You will gain understanding and insight about what gets in the way of you staying on track so you can bust yourself on the spot.

You will begin to make better choices that will empower, rather than repeating the same old, vicious cycles.

You will be emailed a workbook and homework.

You will have unlimited access to Sonia via emails for any questions or concerns that come up during your coaching relationship.

Are you ready to move toward an empowered, bold future? The Focus Now Coaching Package can help you get there.

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