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Self-Love Coaching  

Self-love Coaching for men and women Living with a diagnosis

Love Yourself Despite Your Diagnosis

Have you been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, cancer, depression, ADHD, anxiety or any other chronic illness?  Is your diagnosis taken away your confidence, happiness, motivation and hope for the future? Has your diagnosis created relationship issues with your loved ones? Are you living in fear of getting worse or being more limited? Have you lost your zest for life?

My MS (multiple sclerosis) diagnosis did all of the above for me. It was a huge wake up call. Was I going to become the MS or was I going to find the gifts of it and use it to change what needed to be changed in my life. It propelled me to really step up my game and look at places in my life where I was still not fully loving myself and putting others first and my self-care second.    

The depression and loss of confidence that followed my diagnosis let me to be unable to support others because I wasn’t attending to my physical and emotional needs.

Do you put everybody else’s needs and wants before your own? Do you need a sustainable self-care regime so that your well stays full? Do you want to feel confident and love who you are with the symptoms you live with?

The Self Love Coaching program is the solution you have been looking for:

In this program, you will:
  • Learn to say NO without guilt

  • Redefine yourself to feel good about who you are with your diagnosis

  • Decrease anxiety, fear, and feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy

  • Find the gifts of your diagnosis

  • Go from victim to warrior

  • Create the structure you need to put SELF-CARE first

  • Create and experience FREEDOM within your limitations

  • Teach your children and loved ones to be mindful so they can be part of your team

  • Improve your relationship with your partner

  • Gain confidence and self compassion

  • Create balance with food, exercise and diet

Don’t allow your diagnosis steal your dreams of a bigger, better life. Contact me today for a FREE consultation. Today, you can begin to love who you are with what you have.

This package includes:
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching via telephone, skype or in person for 4-6 months.

  • Weekly email support with homework assignments that help you get clear and stay focused. No need to feel unsure of what to do. I’ll help you each step of the way.

  • Unlimited email access to me with questions or concerns.

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