True Inner Confidence Radio

True Inner Confidence Radio

Join Sonia Hankin, LMHC every Wednesdays at noon to listen to real conversations with real people. Conversations about overcoming the challenges of the NOT GOOD ENOUGH epidemic that seems rampant in our society. Sonia is a mental health therapist, Integrative coach trained by NY Times best selling author, Debbie Ford and a certified Journey Dance Facilitator, workshop leader and motivational speaker. In her 15 years of working in the personal and transformational field, Sonia has observed a common thread among her clients. That thread is that most people lack self esteem, self confidence, self love or self compassion and are afraid to make the changes they desire due to the belief of not being good enough. Each week, Sonia will bring on a guest that will share their inspirational story of how they were able to create their desires by unlocking their true inner confidence. You will hear from guests who have overcome a myriad of different challenges and how they were able to unlock their true inner confidence after being knocked off their feet due to a major life event.

True inner confidence is about feeling good enough as you are no matter what is going on in your life, being authentic and moving through the fears of being seen as you are. Each week, you will receive valuable information to help you in unlocking your true inner confidence, gain new perspective about yourself, tools to make changes you desire and inspiration to go after what you want because you deserve it and YOU ARE ENOUGH!

#1:  Sonia speaks with Shari Coltune, a blended family coach about how to deal with the challenges of dealing with exes and step children. 

#2:  Sonia speaks with Dr. Leonor Murciano, founder of Nourishing Women Wellness Center who specializes in women’s health and fertility using integrative medicine.

#3:  Sonia speaks with a mother/daughter team, Alisha and Rochelle Schwartz about how to heal and have an amazing relationship with each other.

#4:  Sonia speaks with Sherry Kane, author and founder of “I Am Complete Woman” movement and retreats.  If you are a busy working woman  and are yearning for balance and health, tune in to hear how Sherry learned to balance business, marriage and motherhood.

#5:  Sonia speaks again with Blended Family Coach, Energy Intuitive and Integrative Coach, Shari Coltune.  This is a fun conversation about what robs us of our confidence, importance of self forgiveness and how to being authentic and be able to access your true inner confidence.

#6:  Sonia speaks with Joe Petrosky, founder of True Freedom University and owner at Pain Eliminated, Inc.  He is a world renowned medical intuitive and energy healer.