Unlock Your Confidence and Master Your Life...

Free the You that Has Been Longing to Emerge…


Change the limited beliefs that have held you back. Without confidence, it is difficult to create change in your life. Once you access your confidence, feel empowered, and make choices from that place, you can improve your relationships, find a satisfying job or career, be healthier, become clear of your desires and dreams, and have the courage to take action to create them.

I can help you to…

In this 4 month long program, you will

Boost Your Confidence


Gain Courage to Take Action


Shift Outdated Limiting Beliefs

heal old wounds that affect your self esteem

Gain Trust In Yourself

get to the core of what is keeping you from being authentic


Have Someone Hold You Accountable

create a plan with action steps towards your goals and desires

Free Yourself From Self-Doubt & Worry

become less reactive and more mindful

Do you have low self esteem and constantly doubt yourself? Are you afraid to make the wrong choice and therefore, remain status quo? Do you have difficulty creating healthy boundaries for yourself? Do you say “yes” when you mean “no”? Do you feel trapped by your own thoughts and voices of the past?

Many years ago, I would have answered yes to all of those questions. There was a time in my life when I was attached to struggle. I had an eating disorder, I was trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, my job robbed me of my joy, and I lived in fear of making any kind of important decisions or moving out of my comfort zone.

I constantly berated and beat myself up inside. My self-esteem eventually reached rock bottom. I was abusing alcohol and food. I didn’t have the courage to leave my job of 10 yrs. A job that made me feel dead inside. I acted impulsively in almost every area of my life. My old story of “I am not good enough” had gotten the best of me and I was proving it to be true.

I began to look for ways to get myself out of the rut. With support, I looked at my life

and found the “shoulds” and limiting beliefs that were getting in the way of being who I wanted to be and in the way of self care and self compassion. I wanted to get to what

was holding me back from what fueled my fire.

I decided it was time to shift my story and believe in my own worth. That decision changed everything in my life. I begin doing transformational work on myself with Debbie Ford who is known for her pioneering work in shadow work.

I left the man I was living with and moved out on my own for the first time in my life. I left a job of 10 years and went back to school to obtain my masters in mental health counseling. I overcame my eating disorder and no longer used food to soothe or beat myself up.

Due to my own pain and struggles with low self worth, I became trained in what I felt saved my life, shadow work with Debbie Ford and the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching. I became a Master Integrative Coach and Leader and also went back to school at the age of 30 to earn my masters degree in mental health counseling. I have been working with men and women for the past 15 years in supporting them to heal old wounds, build confidence, feel empowered and take action.

Structure of the Program

Weekly 1 hr. sessions via phone, skype or face to face
(total of 16 sessions) with homework and unlimited access to me via email.


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