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Hi, I'm Sonia...

Hi, I’m Sonia Hankin, a passionate guide to men and women who struggle with unworthiness, low self esteem, fear of being real, and living a life based on an old story of not being good enough! ENOUGH is ENOUGH of not feeling good about yourself.

I believe you’ve found your way here because you are tired of the inner critic, you’re uninspired, you have lost faith in yourself, you feel that things will never change, you are overwhelmed or afraid to make the changes you long for in your life.


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Articles to Fuel Your Confidence!

The Spider and the Butterfly

I am assuming that more people prefer butterflies over spiders.  To many, the butterfly is beautiful and graceful and the spider is scary and dangerous.  I am sure spider lovers will disagree with this description.  As the old proverb says, “beauty is in...

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Do You Ever Procrastinate?

I’m very excited to talk about this topic because it’s one I know very well. I’m the worst procrastinator and it’s affected my life for a long time. It’s very frustrating when you’re trying to keep from procrastinating because you know how it affects you, but you...

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Have You Ever Compared Yourself to Others?

When we compare ourselves it totally zaps our confidence and in many ways it takes our power away. When comparing ourselves to others we may think they are happier, more successful or have something we want. The reality is you will never know what is happening in...

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